Emf penetrate underground

Measure inside your home, in the backyard, nearby playgrounds etc. Standard electrical wiring emits some stray electrical energies. Also, distribution lines are usually operating with some degree of net imbalance, which causes the magnetic field to drop off more slowly with distance. And to say that EMFs from our contraptions will not interfere with those electrically-based biological processes is like saying that hitting your thumb with a hammer will not cause physical effects. If the experiment works, an electrician could probably install a cutoff switch for the bedroom area to make it easier. Do not dispose of in sink, water, or ground! It is within this range of feet to feet that field measurements are necessary to determine the influence of the power line.

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There can be digestive problems, tinnitus, sleep difficulties, rashes, and headaches. Avoid these as much as possible. It's as if the person with lung cancer were surrounded by people who were addicted to asbestos, or whose livelihoods depended on asbestos dust saturating the air everywhere. So people give away their power and their health to those who try to make the whole of the planet—including our very atmosphere—vibrate within the range where humans remain stunted in our growth. Anytime the power is turned on, cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation — even in stand-by mode and regardless if carried on belts, in pockets or purses—or set on the table in front of you.

Living near power lines: Is it dangerous? | Independent

Some people apparently are not bothered by even strong electromagnetic fields. Deep in our collective psyche is the memory of what happens if you listen to your body or the Earth rather than to authority figures like technocrats. Successful businesses of the future may be those who can survive a major wireless communications breakdown. Or more commonly, they are the lines you see in you neighborhood, that are moving the electricity from these substations to you the consumer. Depending on the loads served by each line we can record normal levels even 50 meters or less from the cables. All new cars have a similar hidden microphone. Dwelling over these distorted fields can have serious health implications.
These have a lot to do with EMF sensitivity, for some reason. This report, compiled by a group of internationally respected scientists specialising in this field, urges. The major sources are all x-ray machines used in medical and dental offices, airports and perhaps package screening locations. The PIG is pushed through a pipeline, mostly made of metal. On the other hand, the wires feeding into and out of the transformer produce fields that may not drop off as quickly. If it is not, form a group of citizens and demand that the smart meters be removed.

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