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For example, oral sex imitated anal sex in terms of penetration, orifice, enclosure, and sexual pleasure. Thus the separate Penal Code provision addressing rape Section remained restricted to a man's rape of a woman. The government used the revised law to harass both individuals and activists who were lesbian or gay, censoring their speech, threatening them with prison, raiding their homes. The Scope Expands Forensic medical exams display the particularity to which the state descends when it tries to parse out the specifics and the evidence of sexual acts. The categories of the vagrant catamite and criminal eunuch allowed the state to arrest people on the presumption of sodomy, without proof of an actual act. A divided court found that "the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment does not confer any fundamental right on homosexuals to engage in acts of consensual sodomy.
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US Gay: Sodomy in Colonial New England

The advent of AIDS in the s galvanized fears about homosexuality and again made sodomy laws a matter of public interest. The laws that the Europeans brought dragged a long prehistory behind them. However, there is textual support in Christian and Jewish scripture for the belief that the sins of Sodom were not necessarily or solely sexual in nature. Along these moralizing lines, authorities amended the Act in expressly to include "eunuchs" as a notified group. The trajectory from punishing acts to repressing a whole class of persons was complete. It is important to start the analysis by asking what is really being punished by the anti-sodomy laws. Elsewhere, the legal use of the term sodomy is restricted to rape cases where an act such as anal penetration has taken place.
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The presence of antisodomy laws may reflect cultural anxieties about hierarchy and order or insecurities about family stability, because most of the extant antisodomy statutes are in less industrialized countries. They disregard, too, the example of formerly colonized states like Ecuador, Fiji, and South Africa that have actually enshrined protections for equality based on sexual orientation in their constitutions. Iran, Saudi Arabia, and a few other countries still mired in mythical thinking imprison, hang, and stone to death men who copulate, the act constituting the crime, not the affection itself. The post-independence Indian case of Lohana Vasantlal also followed and modified the Khanu decision. We will not shy away from warning Kenyans against the dangers of the scourge. The ultimate, historic text-which, in one form or another, influenced or infested much of the British Empire-read:. The full impact of sodomy laws cannot be understood by looking at the legal offence alone.
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The only question that concerned the court was whether oral sex was an unnatural carnal offence under Section The Offences Against the Person Act in consolidated the bulk of laws on physical offences and acts of violence into one "modern," streamlined statute-still the basis for most British law of physical assault. As a Malaysian court had declared in addressing a wife's claim that her husband had sexual relations with other men: The first recorded mentions of "sodomy" in English law date back to two medieval treatises called Fleta and Britton. An activist from Singapore writes: The relaxed attitudes to journeys up the chocolate tunnel make the recent obsession of clerics in both the Arab world and conservative America all the more worrying.
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