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Because suddenly, I could follow what was going on, and for the last half of the comic I completely knew what was happening and why. I'm not interested in football at ALL, but FNL still holds my attention, which is a testament to how good of a show it is. This can't even be explainable as being for fans of Barbara Gordon, unless people are only fans of Barbara Gordon as fetish object, which is pretty much all you can say about her here. I also love political meetings. So everyone puts on full dress uniform with the sashes and shoulder braids to welcome Laura…except Dee who hasn't bothered. I wish I could take Crashdown Sam Witwer seriously, but whenever he's onscreen, all I can think about is The Force Unleashed and how much that game frustrated me. That was a cruel, cruel matchup.

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I don't have a desk drawer yet, but, I have a pocket. But I didn't remember that I'd read it until I looked at this one and asked. I do that all the time. Click here to cancel reply. Most notably with Boomer where she has this really freaked out look in her eyes for a lot of the episode, like in the scenes in Tyrol's office when she's telling him what happened. Still, this seems a bit bitchier than necessary.

Mark Watches ‘Battlestar Galactica’: S01E02 – Water |

But they keep saying that they didn't know what they were doing, that it wasn't their fault. After that, Ailea got sent home. I had a point when I started this post, I swear! The close quarters of the ship make it even worse and Grace Park acts it so well. Don't bend books, sure.
So the question remains, then: Ugh, I agree with this sentiment so much! At the table, the other girls pick up on the weird vibe going back and forth between Amber M and Tiffany, and Amber M decides to bring it all up over again, claiming that she is doing so in hopes of "being real", a phrase used in the house on a regular basis. And yet simultaneously, Boomer is on Caprica with Helo, and the flirtation nearly ends in a kiss. Like she's a Chanel perfume. And then Boomer is always interesting, even alone, considering her secret.

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Saphyr +10 Points March 2, 2018

Holy shit this vid was good....

tubemasterx +4 Points December 21, 2018

One of the better comps I've seen yet, lots of great handjobs

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What I Want with you, submissive.

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And I thought I could shoot a big load. I've been outdone by a girl. I'm in love...

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Very sexy.... yummy

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