Sears disgusting interracial ad

The singing assholes on the vistaprint commercial!! Are they trying to create a Flo character? Any of those awful Geico ads with the weird singing hipster duo. Also follow us on Facebook. Who's scared of a chameleon? How come she doesn't know about TWC's great deals when she's fucking married to him??

Hey, why can't I vote on comments?

I think there are people today who would lose their minds over both

German commercials are almost always terribly boring. They've run 4 in the last four hours. I can't even bring myself to look at them. He's just amazingly hot. I especially detest "Maxwell", and I'd have that smug pig roasting in a smoker in about 15 seconds if I ever got a hold on him.

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Picture Biggie Smalls as a 60 year old woman. There's also a local TV ad for some co-op, or condo, in Brooklyn, which is being marketed to hipsters, it's annoying and nauseating. Such a plan would be useless for just 2 adults, no? The Windows phone ones with the ohh so smart children who have a start up and the one where the kid is buying a house. The Rachel Bilson ads for some chocolate bar make me want to murder everyone involved. Her screaming gives me a headache. The ad features a husband, wife and this 2 month old baby.
Nobody cares to hear your telephone greeting. The medicare supplemental insurance commercial with a frog faced woman dressed in a cardigan and Capri pants taking a stroll. All of those Toaster Strudel commercials but especially the one with the kid saying "Worst day ever" and then after biting the strudel saying "Best day ever" and you see the food in his mouth. Unfortunately, studies show we remember the annoying ads more than the entertaining ones, and therefor the advertisers want to create annoying ads. Hard male beastiality movies and zoo gay pics best rest in free time.

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hat6868 +4 Points July 28, 2018

Oh yes, fit and filthy

hythamay +9 Points October 26, 2018

Sweet and talented ass (literally)

Brutus011 +2 Points October 10, 2018

good for denial not getting off

cindy-carrera +8 Points March 24, 2018

Damn, for an "older" woman she has an awesome body. I'd hit that!

aytarik +5 Points May 30, 2018

schon hundert mal gesehen aber immerwieder geil.

rafiko70 +0 Points September 3, 2018

amateur bdsm at its best!

soxfan82 +5 Points January 15, 2018

Mmmmmm, so hot.mommy

Davidking2033 +9 Points September 6, 2018

sie muss keinen plastikschwanz wichsen ,nimm meinen

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