Anal gland saculitis

Rarely, we will lance the abscess in an attempt to help it drain the infected fluid. It contains a blend of fiber that helps produce bulky stools. Abscess lancing An anal sac abscess, unless it has already ruptured on its own, needs to be opened up, or lanced and drained. Infection often accompanies impaction, or may be present by itself. Luckily, anal sac impaction or abscessation generally is not a serious illness. They want me to bring her back n Wednesday but she's miserable This may show itself as difficulty defecating or producing ribbon-like stools.

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The abscess will appear as a painful, red, hot swelling on one or both sides of the anus. The glands are embedded in the muscle of the anal sphincter and are not readily visible. The anal sacs are two small pouches located on either side of the anus at approximately the four o'clock and eight o'clock positions. Anal gland secretion is often described as fishy smelling. The dog is on antibiotics and it is draining well. They are two small pouches that collect glandular secretions within the sphincter muscles of the anus. Although you cannot see the anal gland, they are on either side of her anus.

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It is an unusual bacterium because it must live and multiply inside the body cells of the cat whereas most bacteria live outside cells. Dogs are more commonly affected with anal sac disease than cats. Privacy Policy Terms Web Accessibility. During this period of time I noticed that there was a slight swelling directly to the left of her anus. When gland bursts, dogs often feel relief because a good part of the pain was caused by the swelling, but they often need more complicated treatment at this point involving surgical drainage of the abscess, flushing, infusion with Panalog and the administration of oral antibiotics. Return to top of page Anal Gland Removal Anal gland removal is indicated in cases of chronic, recurrent anal sac infections and anal gland tumors.
We don't know if she did a culture. In this case, veterinary treatment is essentially the same, usually by lancing, debriding, flushing with an antiseptic solution, and administering antibiotics. Khalsa recommends using Epsom salts for dogs with anal gland problems. No age or sex predispositions have been described. Discuss this option with your vet.

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